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Who We Are


     In collaboration with local communities, organizations, and government agencies, the purpose and goal of the Idaho Chaplains Association (ICA) is to mobilize and equip chaplains to serve and support by being the spiritual and emotional presence during life’s critical moments.

     ICA recognizes the immense emotional stress that first responders and public safety agencies face when dealing with life’s critical moments.  We are committed to partnering with these agencies in order to fulfill spiritual and emotional demands that arise. 

      The mission statement of the Idaho Chaplains Association is simply to equip, empower and engage for service. [Ephesians 4:12….to equip his people for works of service...] 


Leadership Team

Boyd Chikatulah

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Wright

Executive Director

Barbie Getchell

Director of Operations

Barry Surrat

Director of Chaplaincy Training

Bruce Lund

Director of Community Chaplains

Board of Directors

Boyd Chikatulah

Bruce Lund

Rob Wright

Barbie Getchell


Barry Van Beuren

Leslie Major

Barry Surratt


Juvenile Corrections Center


(208) 465-8443

Connor Hill

Juvenile Corrections Center

St. Anthony

(208) 624-3462

Lori Szmak


Juvenile Corrections Center


(208) 799-3332

Ruth Walker

On-Site Team - IDJC

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