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Loss and trauma can take various forms, whether it's an acute situation involving the loss of a loved one or an ongoing challenge like medical difficulties, workplace stress, or family and interpersonal issues. Our team of certified Chaplains are trained to offer comfort and hope to individuals dealing with these difficult and potentially life-altering events.


Our Chaplaincy School courses are tailored to prepare individuals who feel called to this compassionate ministry and provide students with the essential skills needed for serving in various communities. Additionally, we offer chaplain certification and endorsement for individuals who desire a nationally recognized and in-state endorsement.


The mission statement of the Idaho Chaplains Association is to equip, empower, and engage for service.


      --Ephesians 4:12 " equip his people for works of service..."


Leadership Team

Boyd Chikatulah

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Wright

Executive Director

Barbie Getchell

Director of Operations

Barry Surratt

Director of Chaplain Training

Howard Pollock

Assistant Director of Chaplain Training

Bruce Lund

Director of Community Chaplains

Board of Directors

Boyd Chikatulah

Bruce Lund

Rob Wright

Barbie Getchell


Barry Van Beuren

Leslie Major

Barry Surratt



Juvenile Corrections Religious Services Supervisor

Barbie Getchell

Juvenile Corrections Center - Nampa

(208) 465-8443

Noel Gallegos

Juvenile Corrections Center- St. Anthony

(208) 624-3462

Brian Arave

Juvenile Corrections Center- Lewiston

(208) 799-3332

Ruth Walker



Lisa Crowe

Juvenile Corrections

On-Site Team


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